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Water Ice Coming to Northwood

At the Northwood Civic Association meeting on April 22nd, Bianca Reyes presented her plans for opening “Nini’s Sweets and Treats, Water Ice and More” at the intersection of Adams Avenue and Castor Avenue.  The location had last been used for water ice sales but has been closed for several years.  She said there will be water ice and ice cream from the take out window with no outside seating available and no outside music.  She anticipates an opening in mid May.  Neighbors expressed their concern about noise, traffic and lighting and she answered all questions.

water ice

“Nini’s Sweets and Treats, Water Ice and More”

Joe Krause, President of the Civic opened the meeting and discussed open issue the last month’s meeting.  The Civic donated $50 to the Lewis Family easter egg hunt at Northwood Park this year.  The event entertained about 250 kids and was the biggest one so far.  The could use more community support and the Civic would like to do more for next year.

The Civic also plans to make a donation to the Simpson Playground for much needed equipment.  That will be taken up at the next board meeting.  The board will also be looking into the possibility of getting a dog park established in Northwood in the hopes that it might curtail the dog dropping problem.

It is know that Wawa was interested in the former K Mart property as a new location for a new store and gas station to replace the one across the street.  The owners of the property however have a agreement with the Supreme grocery store to not lease to a business that would sell the same products which would seem to bar a Wawa at that location.  The Civic believes the community would benefit from the Wawa moving to the new location.

Stewart Graham, Chief of Staff for Councilman at Large David Oh was present and said he would be attending future meetings whenever possible to keep the Councilman advised of issues in Northwood.

Darrion Shuford, Chief of Staff for State representative Jason Dawkins announced that there is a financial Literacy Workshop Saturday April 25 at the Greater Olney Free Library at 5501 North 5th Street from 10 AM to 1 PM.  There is also a free health insurance enrollment event being held Saturday April 25th at the Northeast Baptist Church at 4744 Tackawanna Street from 11 AM to 3 PM.

As a result of Councilwoman Sanchez attendance at last month’s meeting, several city representatives were on hand to address issues raised at that time.

City traffic engineer Nicholas Cinciruk talked about neighborhood complaints about noise and traffic on Castor Avenue between Foulkrod and Pratt Streets.  He said that the Streets Department can erect signs controlling these issues but the police still will have to enforce them.  On the issue of truck parking in Northwood, he had a list of the streets where Councilwoman Sanchez has drafted legislation prohibiting parking as requested by the Civic and had signed off on the work orders for the signage.  He did say that work crews are behind schedule and it would take some time to get them put up.

Keith Lemchak, Engineering Supervisor for the city Air Management Services talked about the noise and vibration problems report by residents on Ramona Avenue near Adams caused by heavy traffic.  He told the group what testing could be done and was available after the meeting for specific questions.

There were four candidates for judge in the upcoming primary election on May 19th.  They introduced themselves and then waited until after the meeting to speak with all who were interested in getting their views and qualifications.

Betsy Wahl is running for the Court of Common Pleas.  link

Chris McCabe is running for the Court of Common Pleas.  link

Anthony Kyriakakis is running for the Court of Common Pleas.  link

Frank Bennett is running for the Court of Common Pleas and also Municipal Court.

The next meeting of the Northwood Civic Association will be held on Tuesday, June 16th at 7 PM at St. James Lutheran Church at Castor Avenue and Pratt Streets. (No meeting in May since it falls on Primary election day)

1 thought on “Water Ice Coming to Northwood

  1. Northwood Must Oppose All Commercialization

    Joe Krause and the Civic Association have no right or authority to usurp a Court Order.

    Northwood Civic Association has fought against the opening of a Water Ice Stand in that location for several years. Jim Haworth, then president, hired an expensive lawyer and it took a court hearing to have it shut down.

    Case ID: 031201514


    In 2004 a variance to open the water ice stand was erroneously granted by the ZBA.

    Northwood Civic Appealed the decision & Won.


    If Northwood Civic Association allows this Water Ice Stand to open, in the future, the Civic will lose it’s right to oppose any commercialization — as the Civic will be accused of selective enforcement & favoritism.

    I wish I knew about this meeting, but president Joe Krause will not spend any money on a Civic Association news letter or a web-site.

    He does however manage to violate the Charter & Constitution of the Northwood Civic Association by gifting away money to the City of Philadelphia for fixing park benches and playgrounds.

    I am considering independently polling the immediate neighbors and seeing how many were4 informed of this Civic Meeting, and how many oppose this Water Ice Stand — and Suing the Northwood Civic Association. They will not have very much money left to give away to the City.

    — Signed NCA-President Emeritus

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