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How To Vote in Favor of the Future

The following is John Buffington’s personal opinion and does not represent the opinion of the Frankford Gazette.  However, we do encourage everyone to vote on May 19th.

I have asked the Gazette to republish Grid Magazine’s endorsement of Judge Nelson Diaz for Mayor because it provides a good basis for decision in a highly competitive race.

This mayoral primary is somewhat unusual by recent standards.  This time there are good reasons to vote for and against all of the leading candidates.  There has been more light than thunder in the campaigns.

The publisher of Grid brings in an issue that hasn’t come up much, if at all: which candidate is most likely to move our city toward a more sustainable future.  All of the campaigns have had a shot at the question and Judge Neslon Diaz (number 10 on the ballot) looks like the candidate who takes that question most seriously.

The endorsement from Grid Magazine is at this link.

John Buffington