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Support Diplomacy with Iran

The following is a guest opinion from Allison Davis.  It does not represent the opinion of the Frankford Gazette.

The impending decision regarding nuclear weapons between the United States and Iran is of grave concern. Successful negotiations would create a peaceful agreement that would prevent Iran from producing nuclear weapons; I would like to note that this is both conceivable and necessary. Diplomatic negotiations are the best approach to this tense debate – it is the only way to both avoid war and the potential danger of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons.


Congress’s current agenda – specifically the Corker bill – does not present a logical alternative to peaceful diplomacy. I am urging the United States Congress to avoid an inevitable disaster that would come with another state acquiring nuclear weaponry. With the ability to destroy entire cities outright, nuclear weapons pose one of the greatest threats to humanity. Not only do we need to prevent countries from acquiring new nuclear weapons, but we have to actively work to eliminate our own stockpiles. That is why, as a Global Zero Action Corps leader, I am pleading for the sake of mankind for Congress to focus on supporting diplomacy with Iran rather than resort to clouded decisions that only result in ruin.


Allison Davis
Philadelphia, PA