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Frankford NAC Zoning Meeting Approves Four

The Frankford NAC zoning meeting on June 11th approved four zoning variance requests but rejected one other applicant.

  • 5456 Erdrich Street – This was their last appearance. They wanted to legalize a sign that was pre-existing. They were approved.

    5456 Erdrich Street (from Google Maps)

    5456 Erdrich Street (from Google Maps)

  • 2116 Granite Street- This was their second time and they were approved. They were seeking a variance for off street parking.
  • 1520 Adams Avenue – Seeking a variance to have a duplex. That was approved.
  • 1827 Kinsey Street- Seeking a variance to have five dwellings (apartments). They have been a triplex since 1957.  They were approved.
  • 4709 James Street- The owner was seeking a variance to legalize a one story structure.  A couple of issues were discussed. 1. The property owner built a structure without getting permits. 2. The structure is too close to neighboring yards. 3. He is storing propane tanks improperly within that structure. Two local residents voted to oppose the project. It is opposed.

The next meeting of the Frankford NAC will be on July 9th at 7PM at the Second Baptist Church at 1801 Meadow Street.