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July PSA1 Meeting

There were some new folks at the meeting on July 23rd to talk to the police about the issues on their block.  Lt. Gordon, Captain McCloskey and Officer Jacobs were on hand to deal with their questions.  We leave the details out to protect their anonymity.


Also on hand was Andrew Jennemen, Assistant DA and head of the Public Nuisance Task Force.  He talked about how the task force works and what is required to take property of convicted drug dealers.  He also addressed the issue of the Frankford Deli, at Foulkrod and Frankford.  The proprietor has been arrested several times on drug charges and a large quantity of marijuana was seized at the store in one of those arrests.  Jennimen says that the proprietor is not the owner of the property and therefore the property cannot be taken. However, when he notified the owner, he got a call almost immediately saying that he had not been aware of the problems being caused and he would begin eviction proceedings immediately, which he did.  Eviction can take months but eventually there will be a new tenant at that location.  That was one way to handle it.

The next PSA1 meeting will be held on August 27th at 7PM at Aria Hospital.