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PSA1 Town Watch

Lt. Duane Gordon at the PSA1 meeting on September 24th described the Town Watch being formed in PSA1.  PSA1 includes Frankford/Northwood and Bridesburg.

Reverend Clodfelter, Rector of St. Marks at first expressed reservations about residents fearing retaliation for participation in Town Watch.  In many neighborhoods that is a reality.  However, volunteers are not being asked to patrol or take any public action.  You are being asked to use your eyes and ears and then report, to a special phone number, any activity that is suspicious or criminal.  The phone number will be dedicated to the 15th district PSA1 use only and a knowledgeable person will be assigned to take your calls.  You will not call 911.  This will give your report special handling.

To volunteer, email Lt. Gordon at  He needs to know your name and what block you live on.

There will be more information at the next PSA1 meeting, which is on October 22nd at 7 PM at Aria Hospital.