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15th PDAC Honors Officers

Officers James McAleese and Matthew Preston were recognized by the 15th PDAC (Police District Advisory Council) for outstanding performance of their duties as police officers at the meeting on September 28th.

Officers Tom McAleese and

Officers James McAleese and Matthew Preston

The membership also approved expenditures for events for the remainder of the year.  There will be Thanksgiving dinner for the needy at St. Marks, Police Officers for the Christmas season, the Children’s Christmas party in December and a meal for the needy at St. Marks in December.

Membership also resolved to work from an annual budget for these events in the future.  That will expedite the discussion and approval.  The budget for next will include a schedule of events with costs and the budget will be voted on at the beginning of the year.

Officer Houston spoke about the Town Watch Safe Corridor program now active since schools are open.  Residents volunteer to act a safe points along dismissal routes for students on their way home. If for any reason they need a place to go, they know they will be welcome.

The next PDAC meeting will be held on Monday, October 26th,