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96 MPH Should Be Fast Enough

Terry Heiser, a member of the Northwood Civic Association, reported at the meeting on October 20th, that the State traffic study of Castor Avenue between Foulkrod and Pratt Streets has been completed.  The report confirms what residents knew all along.  Drivers go to fast on that stretch,  Most are happy with going a bit over the speed limit but there are some who are actually speeding and one who hit 96 MPH on a weekday afternoon.  The state will propose some traffic calming solutions to the problem.  That means that something like a raised crosswalk may be installed to force drives to slow down.  In order for any action to be taken the residents must request it so a petition was available for those interested to sign.

Other good news at the meeting came in regard to Simpson Recreation Center.  As promised by Councilwoman Maria Quinones=Sanchez, work is moving forward to repair the building.  If everything works out the completion date will be in September of 2016.  No decision has been made yet on closing the building during the repair phase.  The work could also effect the use of the pool next summer.  More new will be coming as the job moves ahead.

Joe Krause, President of the Civic, spoke about the ongoing burglary problems that have come about in the last few months.  He recommended that residents attend the 15th District PSA1 meeting this month to hear about the Town Watch being organized.  Tom McAvoy is the only active member of the Northwood Town Watch and does an outstanding job for one person but he needs more help on the ground.  Vigilance and reporting any unusual or suspicious activity is often all that is required.  You can reach Tom at

Jason Sherman who is producing the documentary The Kings Highway, spoke briefly about the project and said they are looking for financial support to submit the film to as many film festivals as possible.  The link to the web page for more information is here.  Several of our most prominent Northwood historians are included in trailer.

The next meeting of the Northwood Civic Association will be held at 7PM at St. James Lutheran Church on November 17th.