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Buried at Wilmot Park

Wilmot Park today is a playground on Meadow Street across from the Second Baptist Church where you will hear the steady bounce of basketball at all times of the day and night.  Smaller kids happily climb and swing but 200 years ago, the land was used as a burial ground and many of those people who were buried there remain at rest under the asphalt today.

The records of those buried are scant but it is clear that the burial ground was active for quite a long time.   The original burial ground is at least 200 years old and was much larger than the playground is today.  It included all the land where the Wilmot School was later built in 1877.  At that time, Meadow Street did not divide the property.

Leon Brantley, Kim Brantley and Darrion Shufford laya wreath at Wilmot Park on Veterans Day.

Leon Brantley, Kim Brantley and Darrion Shuford lay a wreath at Wilmot Park on Veterans Day.

Joe Menkeich is a historical researcher living in Northwood who was successful in having another forgotten cemetery placed on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places.  He is now working on a similar project for the Wilmot property.  This will also include the former Wilmot school.


Joe Menkevich (right) at City Hall with supporters Leon Brantley and Janet Bernestein.

It is time to give this historic site the recognition it deserves.