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Conservatorship in Northwood a Success

Project updates rounded out the meeting of the Northwood Civic Association on April 19th with a about 25 residents attending.

Joe Krause, Civic President, says the Conservatorship hearing for the property at 1301 Wakeling Street was held with many residents attending.  The judge ordered the owner to do the repairs and get the house on the market for sale by June 1st or the conservatorship will go to the nonprofit working on behalf of the Northwood Civic.  They will then rehab the house and put it up for sale as a single family residence.

1301 wakeling St. – photo from Google maps

This project has been so successful that the Civic is considering conservatorship for several other properties in the same situation.

Terry Heiser gave an update on the traffic improvement to Castor Avenue between Foulkrod and Pratt Streets.  The planning is finalized and job is set to begin.  New signage, soft rumble strips, speed limits painted on the roadway all should slow down the traffic and reduce accidents.  Heiser notes that he has had great cooperation from the Streets Department.

Now under study is the intersection of Ramona and Adams Avenue because of vehicle and pedestrian traffic.  Also residents of the 900 block of Foulkrod complain that it is hard to back out of their driveways with the traffic coming down the street too fast.

Rodney Moore from the Streets Department gave an update on trash issues.  Trash should not be put out before 7 PM.  Join Recycling Rewards and get free stuff for recycling.  To join, go to the link or call 888-727-2978.  Bed bugs are still a big concern to the guys picking up trash.  They will pick up mattresses and box springs only if the are wrapped in a plastic bag.  If they are not, they will not be picked up and you could be fined for putting them out for pickup improperly.  Moore noted that 50 new Trash cops have been hired recently.  They will be out enforcing the regulations, so be on guard.

Tom McAvoy, President of the Northwood Town Watch, says truck parking is under control now but requires constant monitoring.  Tom can be reached at

The next meeting of the Northwood Civic will be held on May 17th at 7 PM at St. James Lutheran Church at Pratt Street and Castor Avenue.

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  1. Scioli Turco is pleased to have assisted Northwood Civic Association, Representative Taylor and the community in bringing 1301 Wakeling back from the abyss. If the bank performs as directed, we may be able to wrap this case up early in June

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