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Overington Park Cleanup a Success Next Up Annual Perennial Plant Sale

We had a terrific turn out in Overington park last Saturday, April 16th, especially since it had been cancelled the previous Saturday due to weather. 41 people came out to lend a hand getting our park in shape for Spring.

At first we only had 6 people and we had no idea how we would get to all the tasks we had laid out for the day. Slowly the park filled with helping hands and everything on our list was ticked off.  New neighbors came out and worked their butts off.  They talked about how beautiful our park has become and how they wanted to chip in and keep it sparkling.

As always, the JR ROTC from Frankford High School came out in force and did a great job. Overington Park is a success due to the hard work the community puts in to make it shine. We leave these days tired but happy to have spent time in our neighborhood making it a better place for everyone. Thank you to everyone for all your hard work and support. We can’t do it without you!

Please join us on Saturday May 14th from 10 till 1 for our annual perennial plant sale and park planting. If you have any perennials you want to donate to our fund raising sale, let us know on facebook @Friends of Overington Park. Thanks again! See you on May 14th.