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Green Improvements Coming to Frankford

Learn about green improvements coming to Frankford.

Important stormwater improvements are coming. Green infrastructure is planned for McIlvain Playground and number of local streets, including those near the Mt. Sinai Cemetery.  A similar project is being completed over at Harding.

This project is part of Philadelphia’s Green City, Clean Waters program, which protects rivers and streams, like Frankford Creek, through green investments that beautify neighborhoods.

Mt. Sinai Meeting Map

Please join Philadelphia Water representatives at McIlvain Playground at 5200 Penn Street on May 16 from 6-7 p.m. to learn more about the project and provide feedback on proposed designs. Refreshments will be served! For more information, contact Hailey Stern at or (267) 625-0280.

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Green City, Clean Waters is an innovative City of Philadelphia program created by Philadelphia Water to protect our rivers and streams using specially designed green tools that filter and store water through natural processes. These green tools, which often use plants and trees, help stormwater (rain or melting snow) soak into the ground and offer a beautiful and cost effective way of reducing pollution in our waterways. This approach will result in greener communities and cleaner rivers for everyone to enjoy. Learn more: