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Veteran of the Month Howard Williams

Howard (Punny) Williams was born on July 28th, 1936 in the Frankford section of Philadelphia. Punny, as he was known by his family and friends was educated in the Philadelphia School System at Henry Elementary School and then Fairhill S. C. School for Boys. He was baptized at an early age and was a member of St. Thomas Baptist Church.

howard williamsHoward joined the Army on October 16th, 1956 and was sent to Fort Dix New Jersey for basic training. He was then shipped overseas to Germany, then to France and then to Korea. Howard received certain awards and certificates and was promoted to the rank of Private First Class (E-4). He served his term of duty and was honorably discharged in October of 1959.

In civilian life, he was self-employed as a handyman and also when business was slow he worked as a furniture mover for the S.W. Smith Moving and Hauling business. Howard’s greatest challenge was taking care of his grandmother. He also was a very supportive number of American Legion Post 224 and other groups such as the Northeast Frankford Boys and Girls Club and the Frankford Chargers.

Punny enjoys fishing, casino trips, traveling and group activities. He really enjoys life and riding around the neighborhood on his scooter and holding long winded-conversations with anyone who will listen to his version of how it is or why things should be and how it was “back in the day”.

“Rap on Brother, Rap on.”