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Neighborhood Crusades at Griscom and Foulkrod

The infamy that goes with the intersection of Griscom and Foulkrod Streets attracted the attention of the rev. Melvin Floyd and his group the Neighborhood Crusades which set up shop on that corner on the evening of May 12th.

neighborhood crusade

The event featured a display of slides of those who died in the city as a result of violence and drugs as well as what the inside of a crack house really looks like.  The intended audience are those in the life.  The location was right on.  Their hope was to turn lives around.

The intersection was the site of the death of the fourth of Frankford’s six homicide victims this year on March 17th.

neighborhood crusad2

The van with the coffin on the roof made the rounds of the neighborhood that night inviting folks to come down and participate.  The group reports that they had a profitable evening interacting with the residents and neighbors in they area and hope they benefited from the experience.