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Dr. David Hewitt, Botanist, to Appear at the Historical Society

I have to admit, I never thought I would be into botany in any serious way but David Hewitt can turn you around on that issue.  He knows Frankford and likes to walk around our open spaces to see what lies ahead.  I took two tours with him through the cemeteries and he has a way of showing you things you have been seeing but never really seen.  Well worth a trip to the HSF this month.

Historical Society of Frankford

Tuesday, June 14, 2016
Salad and Dessert Social
Guest Speaker
Dr. David Hewitt, botanist – Academy of Natural Sciences

Cemeteries As Green Spaces
Cemeteries provide more than a resting place for our
dearly departed. There is abundant history and diverse
flora and fauna. Join us as David, an urban ecologist,
reveals the many ways that cemeteries are important.

Bring salad or dessert to share starting at
6:30 PM
The presentation begins at
7:30 PM
Admission free-  Donation accepted

1507 Orthodox St. Philadelphia, PA 19124