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Burglary Up in Frankford

We have been working on the crime stats for June and are waiting for some followup information from the police for the full report but one thing is obvious,  burglary is up in June compared to May.  Compared to last year at this time, it is about the same.

From Joe Krause, President of the Northwood Civic:

Just getting the info now so don’t reply with questions. Apparently there was a burglary today on the 5100 block of Castor Avenue. As I get details I will post them. I encourage everyone to invest the $200-$300 and get a surveillance system. They are easy to install and easy to access. If it’s not affordable then go in half’s with a neighbor and you will all have access through your phone, tablet, computer, or TV. We really need to get some pictures of these mutts and we need to follow their prosecution so the DA’s office and judges don’t drop the ball and let these people walk. The last burglar caught was out in 2 days.

Follow this link to see where the burglaries were in June.  Take Joe’s advice.  I know these camera’s have solved crimes and probably saved lives.  You can’t stop the burglars but you can encourage to go somewhere else.