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Burglary in Northwood Topic at the Civic Meeting This Month

Thanks to Lieutenant Cannon from the 15th district for attending the Northwood Civic Assoc. meeting July 19th on a minutes notice. He came to the meeting prepared with the crime stats for our area and explained what was being done to combat these problems.

There were residents in attendance who were recently burglarized and told their stories; and hinted on why they may have been targeted. Open and/or unsecured windows seem to have been a factor in many of these burglaries, leading one to believe these are crimes of opportunity.

Keep our homes secure and work with neighbors through phone, text, and email to notify each other of anything you notice.

Other things discussed were abandoned homes and what we’re doing to get these places fixed and sold. Illegal fences in the neighborhood were discussed, as I have gotten dozens of calls in the past 2 weeks. All the ones reported to me were forwarded to 311 and L&I to let them handle it. If the fences remain we will discuss a civil action. We’re not trying to be bad neighbors, we’re simply preserving the value of everyone’s property and investment in our area. These fences destroy a neighborhoods character and other people’s home values.

I am working with a couple places to get great deals on home surveillance systems so they can be affordable to everyone, as well as motion lighting. I will be creating a survey to see who would be interested, this information will help me negotiate the best cost.

The next meeting of the Northwood Civic Association will be on August 16th at 7 PM at St. James Lutheran Church.