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Road Work Coming to Large Street

The following streets are scheduled for street improvement work during the week of July 24, 2016, Acting Streets Commissioner Michael Carroll announced today.

Weather or special events in the area may alter the resurfacing schedule.  Residents are urged to move their cars from the work sites when temporary “No Parking” signs are posted so that vehicles are not towed.  In the event a car is towed, please contact your local Police District to determine its location.

5900 Large St E Roosevelt Blvd Comly St 15 686-3150
4900 Large St Harrison St Allengrove St 15 686-3150
4800 Large St Foulkrod St Fillmore St 15 686-3150
4700 Large St Herbert St Foulkrod St 15 686-3150
4700 Large St Arrott St Herbert St 15 686-3150
4600 Large St Rutland St Arrott St 15 686-3150
4600 Large St Orthodox St Rutland St 15 686-3150
4500 Large St Adams Ave Orthodox St 15 686-3150