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Block Partys Top 15th District PSA1 Meeting

Lt. Gordon lead the PSA1 meeting on July 14th with some new participants in the crowd of 30 at Aria Hospital.

The issue of being denied a block party permit came up early and took up a lot of the discussion. Residents on block that have been identified as a nuisance block can be denied a permit by the District Captain.  This can happen even after they have paid for the permit and put money on the bounce houses and organized the event.  Lt. Gordon recommends contacting Captain Luca directly since it is his call.

Complaints about 911 calls that find no response by police are the result of higher priorities being addressed at the same time.  Illegal parking is not going to be answered ahead of an aggravated assault. Doesn’t that mean we need more police???

Gordon says many crimes are crimes of opportunity so do your part personally to prevent crime and don’t make yourself a target.  Lock your doors and windows and don’t walk down the street holding your iPhone out for the first guy coming along to grab it and run.  Don’t make yourself an easy target.

Participants at Frankford Forward meeting have already had Town Watch training and Gordon would like to add more participants from other blocks to be trained.

Residents expressed concern about the Democratic Party convention taking police away from Frankford.  Gordon reported that the department is using overtime to add manpower to the convention while maintaining police presence.  He did say that the recent attacks on police have had the effect of reducing the available patrols since officers have been patrolling 2 to a car.  We do not know how long that will need to continue.

Bridesburg resident asked about enforcement of the No Trucks ordinance on Richmond Street recently put into effect.  Gordon referred him to Officer Crosson the Community Relations officer.

The next PSA1 meeting will be held on August 25th at 7 PM at Aria Hospital.