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Peace Walk Brings Frankford Together

After a string of shootings and a homicide, two groups united in a peace walk on August 19th.  The Donovan Williams Memorial Foundation lead off from the square on Meadow Street across from Second Baptist and walked up to Margaret and then up Oxford Avenue.

The were met by Frankford Forward who had left Wakeling and Griscom and walked up to Wakeling and Saul (both scenes of recent shootings) before linking up with the Williams group.  Together they then walked back down Oxford to Foulkrod and over to the square.

The walk was planned at the Frankford Townhall at the Boys and Girls club on August 18th.  The two groups plan to work together to address the violence sweeping the community.

The next Frankord Forward meeting is scheduled for Monday, August 22nd at St. Mark’s Church at 4442 Frankford Avenue at 6:00 PM.