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Water Woes on Adams and Traffic Problems on Castor

The Northwood Civic meeting on September 20th had a good crowd turn out to hear what is happening with the construction on Adams Avenue by the Water Department.

The Water Department is installing a new water main and replacing the existing water service on the route marked on map below.  This is being done as a result of a petition by the residents who have been having problems with the existing private sewer line that now runs behind their homes.


When the new line is finished, residents will then have to pay a private plumber to connect to the main at their own expense.  They will also be billed for a share of the cost of the installation of the main.  It is a very expensive project which began on August 30th and is expected to take until March of 2017 to complete.

The project is adding to the traffic problems in that area especially when Northwood Charter students are coming and going.  It is a good area to avoid at that time of day.

Also on the agenda was an update by Terry Heiser on the traffic smoothing project on Castor Avenue.  The Streets department has moved the scheduled completion date to Spring of 2017 which is not acceptable to the community. It was originally scheduled for completion by the end of the Summer.

Heiser also warned drivers that the police are now actively enforcing traffic regulations at Ramona and Adams.  This was at the request of the community to reduce the accidents and near misses that often occur at that intersection.

Marc Collazzo of Rep. Taylor’s office has been working with them to resolve this problem.  He believes an agreement can be reached.

Joe Krause, Civic President,  noted that burglary has now dropped from its high during the Summer.  The police had previously indicated that an arrest had been made.  However, there was a purse stolen from a residents home on the day of the meeting so the criminals are still out there waiting for an opportunity.  Lock your doors and stay on guard.

The dumping at Frankford High’s Baldwin Field continues although the dumpsters have been removed.  The Civic knows the identity of one of the individuals and is working on the issue.

The conservatorship of 1301 Wakeling continues to work its way through the court system.  The owners have been granted an extension of time to complete the work, so the take over by Northwood’s conservator is on hold.

The next meeting of the Northwood Civic Association will be held on October 18th at 7 PM at St. James Lutheran Church at Castor Avenue and Pratt Street.