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4700 Block of Griscom A Very Beautiful Block

The Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee (PMBC) announced the top four winning blocks in the 2016 PMBC Contest at its annual Clean Block Awards Banquet on November 4th at The View.

17 blocks in the Clean Block Contest were judged for efforts of block residents, cleanliness, beautification efforts, and property improvements.  The 4700 block of Griscom was the only block in Frankford participating this year and Sandra, Becky, Kenny, Mike and Javese went to work on the project in the Summer to get the block ready.  Painting, decorating and cleaning up and a lot of hard work was involved.

Although they did not win the top award, they did receive $150 for their efforts at the awards dinner at the View   Congratulations on a great job and all your efforts to make Frankford a better place to live.