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Roaches Return to 4700 Block of Griscom Street

The December PSA1 meeting held on the 22nd was a short one given that it was so close to the holiday but that did not keep the regular participants away.

It was noted that the 4700 block of Griscom has seen its ups and downs in 2016.  Its better than it was at its lowest point but the drug dealers have worked out new ways to circumvent detection.  They are like roaches who scurry away when you turn on the light.  They are doing their best to stay away from view but they are still there and that means there is always the potential for violence.

The bar at 4101 Paul Street has created problems with local residents as drunk and disorderly customers come and go.

Cars dealers on Torresdale Avenue continue to take up sidewalk space.  Residents are up in arms.  Lt. Gordon says this is an issue where L&I should be the lead agency in enforcement.

There was a reports of drug dealers openly at work on the 1600 block of Sellers Street.

Lt. Gordon reports a string of strong arm robberies around the Frankford Transpiration Center.  Take note and keep your eyes open.  Those bums will take advantage of any opportunity.

There has been some talk of businesses across from the Frankford Transportation Center funding a Safe Beat officer.  This is when a business hires an off duty officer to provide security.

The next meeting of the 15th District PSA1 will be on January 26th at 7 PM at Aria Hospital.