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Frankford Marks MLK Memory

The 31st annual Dr. Martin Luther King breakfast celebration was held at Frankford Friends School on January 16th this year.

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It was a fitting venue to remember a man of peace who somehow managed to save us from the darkness that shrouded our society.  That darkness was the cloud of racism.

I lived through the 60s in Philadelphia in what was a mostly segregated city.  It was a time throughout the entire country that could have torn us apart.  People were demanding justice and Dr. king saw that the best way to reach that end was non violently.

His opponents saw it differently and we witnessed the violence that was done to people who were merely asking for their rights.

King lead us out of that and into the light.  We are far from the ideal but he set us on the road.  This annual celebration is an event that all races should embrace.  Without King’s leadership during that time, the forces of darkness might have taken us on a much different path.  We all owe him.