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Crime Stats Continue to Improve

When we asked Captain Luca, 15th District Commander, to explain the drop in firearm crimes, he said it all comes down to strategy.  The police know the individuals likely to carry firearms or have used them in the past and act accordingly.

Year to date, firearm crimes are approaching a record low in PSA1 of the 15th District.  That is good news as well as the continued drop in aggravated assaults, burglary and thefts.  Robbery and homicide remain about the same as last year.

Thanks to for the data for our report and Chris Sawyer for the excellent app Philly.Blotter, the top notch crime information tool for Philly.

Details of the report below.

The next PSA1 meeting will be on April 27th.  Come hear about the new police initiative that will notify you by text message of emergency situations.