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Dawkins applauds House passage of bill to address ‘stop and go’ nuisances

Another step in the direction of taking Frankford back from those who take money out and bring nothing in but chaos and crime.

State Rep. Jason Dawkins, D-Phila., applauded today’s House passage of a bill that would address “stop and go” nuisance alcohol-selling businesses in Philadelphia.

“I co-sponsored House Bill 1547 because I feel that greater control and a positive benefit to the commonwealth would result from giving local governments and the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board’s Bureau of Licensing the ability to designate areas as saturated nuisance markets,” Dawkins said.


Under the bill, the LCB would look at the number of citations, police incidents, objections to liquor license renewals and conditional license agreements of eatery and restaurant licensees to determine if a zip code area should be deemed a saturated nuisance market location.

In neighborhoods designated as saturated nuisance market areas, violations would be subject to enhanced penalties, fines and suspensions, and the Liquor Control Board would be able to remove licenses from those areas. Saturated nuisance market areas also would have added community input and would be subject to additional conditions such as transaction scan devices and enhanced food preparation requirements.

The bill goes to the state Senate for consideration.