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Squatters Hop All Around

If you follow Facebook, you may have seen the Squatters reality show last week on Northwood Neighbors Channel.  Follow this link.

There were some folks who took up residence in 1134 Wakeling Street.  The owner and neighbors took offense and after a protracted period of trying to get them evicted they were successful.  At last week’s PSA1 meeting, we had an extensive discussion about this issue and the right way to go about it.

This week those same folks have apparently taken up residence at 5014 Saul Street.  That one is owned by the VA.

So what does this mean to you.  Well the taking over of a property that does not belong to you is a crime, at the very least Criminal Trespass and do you want to live with people who would do that?  One day they are in the house next door and the next day they might be in yours.

What can you do?   You do not have to confront the trespassers but you do have to become a royal pain in the butt to the people in the city who enforce the rules.  So you call 311 and you call the police and Jason Dawkins and John Taylor and Tina Tartaglione and Maria Quinonnes-Sanchez and you communicate with your neighbors on Facebook and Nextdoor..  The next day you call them all back again and you have your neighbors do the same.

I do recommend Facebook for neighborhood communication, it was very helpful to the neighbors in communicating about the problem.