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Frankford’s “New Academic Opportunity”

Once you work in the education field, you never ever retire because teaching and learning becomes a part of who you are. It was a real pleasure as well as refreshing to meet Jessica Hasben, the CEO of Qor Charter School. Once you meet Jessica, too, you’ll find that she does indeed have that passion for children and their education that you, too, become a believer and hope that she does indeed succeed.

Jessica has taught in many different academic settings and in most of them, she has found lacking a real commitment to encouraging the growth of the whole child. When Jessica was growing up in Southwest Philadelphia, she was a good student but there was a lack of support, too, and I would venture to say a lack of expectations as well. Jessica wanted to be seen for who she was – that good student but also for someone to recognize her other talents but she felt invisible. She was just sitting in a desk – just another somebody to be taught. That experience can be so hard to overcome.

But Jessica did overcome those obstacles and once she graduated, she felt her future possibilities included teaching and maybe, one day, having the power and position to run a school of her own. So Jessica continued her own education. She earned a B.S. in Psychology from St. Joseph’s University and is presently enrolled in the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education: School and Mental Health Program. Jessica’s focus in her studies has also been how to equip students not only with the  learning skills they need but also with the other skills needed for success and so often forgotten, such as self-esteem, a sense of belonging, how to communicate and resolve issues, teamwork, setting goals for themselves, etc. which can motivate them during challenging times. So many young people are at risk today and need a “champion”.  Jessica wants to be that champion and create a school culture of acceptance, respect and a focus on each student and his/her particular needs.

Qor Charter School has submitted their application to the School District of Philadelphia. They will be making a presentation very soon so that their dreams and plans become a reality. Already reaching out to the community, there was an information event planned for Saturday, Dec. 16, 2-4 PM at Simpson Recreation Center, 1010 Arrott St. in Frankford with some giveaways. Several families attended. Earlier, Jessica and her family came to the Padre Pio Prayer Center’s “Christmas Extravaganza” to speak with any interested families there.

If approved, Qor Charter School would open in the old St. Joachim School and eventually serve children in grades K-4 with a total of 312 students. St. Joachim is located at 4290 Penn St.We also met her husband, Lamar, who is in real estate and construction, which is a real asset to someone running a school. You can tell that this couple supports each other and cares about our community.

As you can imagine, an endeavor of this type takes a great deal of time to put together. 2018-2019 will be a planning year with school opening for the 2019-2020 year. For the most impact, Jessica believes Qor must start with the primary students – the young students as this is where you can do the most good. The curriculum is geared to students known as “at risk” – those who need those extra supports that really every child needs. Each classroom will have a Lead Teacher and an Assistant. You can read more of their application that was submitted to the School district here.

This is an ongoing story that we will happily follow for you. We are rooting for Jessica and Lamar and the Qor Charter School because we believe that each and every child deserves the best education they can get because so much depends on it – their own feelings of success and happiness and the community’s as well. We need our young people; we are counting on their ideas, energies and passion to take us forward.

Jessica has had an in initial meeting with the School District of Philadelphia. Based on the positive response and support she already feels from the community, Jessica would like us to take a  moment and email them and tell them that you support Qor Charter School’s application and write a sentence why. Be sure to mention “Qor Charter School” so they know who you’re talking about.   All you need to do is to “click” on this link –   Thank you!

If you would like more information regarding Qor Charter School, please contact Jessica Hasben at








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  1. The community and our children need Champions like Jessica, Lamar, and Qor.
    Dawn C.

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