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Have a Pretzel

You can get a really good pretzel, right here in Frankford.  It’s up at 5331 Oxford Avenue.  Pretzel Works has been there a long time baking pretzels and bagels for commercial customers.  Mike Naselsky, the owner, decided to open up a storefront window for people to buy retail and I stopped by to see what was happening.

Pretzel Works – 5131-37 Oxford Avenue

The pretzels are the old time Philadelphia style soft pretzels.  They are very good and you can pick up some bagels while you are at it.  The bagels are really good also.

Mike (right) and the guys in the bakery

Pretzels are 3 for 2 dollars.  Toppings are available.  Drop in and see those guys, say hello, have a pretzel.  Open Monday through Friday from 6 AM to 2 PM.  215-288.4002.