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Why Does a Restaurant Need Bullet Proof Glass

Don’t know and don’t care

It isn’t really about restaurants though.  It’s about Stop and Go stores that are operating with an LCB license for a restaurant.  If they did not have that license, they would not be selling beer and liquor by the shot.  So, if they are doing that in violation of the regulations, their license should be revoked.  End of story.

Well no, not in Pennsylvania.  For some reason the LCB finds it impossible to enforce that regulation.  It actually falls to the State Police and must be a low priority to them.  Why the LCB can’t do it themselves has never been explained.

There has been a lot of controversy over the bill sponsored by Philadelphia City Councilwoman Bass that attempts to do what the State and LCB have never done, which is regulate these stores.  Sounds like a good idea.  Somebody should do something.  However, included in the bill is a requirement to take down the bullet proof glass in those places.  That is an overreach that just clouds this issue.

I understand how people feel when they go into a place where the cashier is in a cage. It makes you feel like you are in an unsafe neighborhood.  Makes you feel unwelcome and untrusted.  It makes me want to stay away from that store and that is what people should do.

If people are robbing the corner stores at gunpoint, it is unsafe but its shouldn’t be the government who decides what a business needs.  If you don’t like the store with the bullet proof glass with the cashier in a cage, stay away.  When enough people do that, the business will go away too.

Here are some of the places in Frankford, operating with an LCB Restaurant license.

4705 Frankford Avenue – Terminal Deli – License R254


4507 Frankford Ave. – License R254


4738 Frankford Ave. – License R7670


1640 Bridge Street – License R263