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15th District PDAC Thanks Cops for Their Service

On Saturday December 2nd, the 15th District PDAC (Police District Advisory Council) held its annual holiday meal to thank and honor the police officers of the 2nd and 15th District.   Coordinating this special event was Pete Specos, Treasurer of the 15th PDAC.

He started his day around 4 am preparing the meatballs. He loaded the truck with all the necessary food and supplies and set off to set up for this special event at the District headquarters on Levick Street.  The menu also included cooked ham, donated by Dietz & Watson. Vegetables were corn and green beans. Chickie’s & Pete’s provided all you could eat, Wings, Chicken fingers and their famous crab fries. The cake was from Four Season’s restaurant.

The event lasted long enough (about 18 hours) to allow the police officers from all the shifts to dine at this special feast.  All of the police officers who attended were very thankful and very appreciative for this meal.

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Other members of the 15th PDAC that helped with the serving were Joe Valecce, President, Mike Barone, Maureen Taylor and Joe Taylor.

It was our special way of saying Thank You to all the police officers who put on the uniform every day to help protect and serve our community.