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Kitty Foyle was a Nice Girl from Frankford

Ginger Rogers won the Oscar for her performance in the title role of the 1940 Movie “Kitty Foyle” about the star crossed love between a girl from Frankford and the son of an aristocratic Main Line Family. The book upon which the movie is based, written by Christopher Morley, contained much coverage of her early years in Frankford but that part of the story line did not make it to the screen.

Ginger Rogers as Kitty Foyle

Although it would not have had much meaning to a nationwide movie audience, that omitted part is very interesting to Frankford residents and will be presented by Jim Young, President of the Society.  He has some new previously unknown details along with a display of artifacts associated with the missing information.

Come to the Historical Society of Frankford meeting on December 12th at 7:30 PM for the presentation and the Annual Holiday Tea- Please bring sandwiches or desserts to share.  Admission Free – Donations Accepted

1507 Orthodox St. Philadelphia, Pa 19124