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Historical Society to Celebrate the Eagles with the Frankford Yellow Jackets

The Historical Society of Frankford, at the meeting on March 13th at 7 PM, will celebrate the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl win with a display their extensive collection of Frankford Yellow Jackets memorabilia for viewing and discussion. The Frankford Yellow Jackets, the original Philadelphia NFL franchise, won the NFL Championship in 1926.

Frankford Yellow Jackets 1926 – from Wikimedia Commons

There will also be the Annual report and election of Board Members, a guest appearance by State Representative Jason Dawkins to discuss how his office can be of service to HSF and the neighborhood.

The meeting is open to the public and will be held at the Historical Society of Frankford at 1507 Orthodox Street.  Admission is free but donations are very welcome.

2 thoughts on “Historical Society to Celebrate the Eagles with the Frankford Yellow Jackets

  1. Sounds like a great program. My father is the Moran in the 1926 photo above. The pivotal game in Frankford’s quest for the NFL Championship in 1926 was on December 4 against the Bears . The critical play of that game was a pass from the Fullback (Stockton) to the Quarterback (Homan) – an omen, perhaps, of the critical play at the end of the first half – the pass to the Quarterback Foles – that brought Philadelphia their latest championship. (PS Stockton was the grandfather of NBA HOF John Stockton)

  2. Hap Moran should definitely have his place in Canton. Swede Youngstrom, Heinie Miller, Lud Wray, Lou Little, Butch Spagna, Tex Hamer, Hust Stockton, a lot of great players from Frankford deserve consideration. As the 100th anniversary of their accomplishments rolls around hopefully they get the recognition they deserve. Consider, in 1922-23, before joining the league, Frankford posted a 6-2-1 record against the NFL, with one of those losses coming at the end of the ’23 season, 3-0, vs. Canton, led by HOFer Champ Chamberlin, the first team to repeat as NFL champ. HOFer Fats Henry hit the late field goal. In 1924, Frankford’s first year in the NFL, the Cleveland Bulldogs were NFL champs, at 7-1-1, a third straight title for Chamberlin and Henry and the core group from Canton, which had been bought outright by the Cleveland owner (I know they wish they could buy a champion today, for $2,500 nonetheless). What’s important is that both Cleveland’s loss and their tie that year were against Frankford. Frankford responded by bringing in Chamberlin, fresh off his three-peat. The 1922-24 Canton/Cleveland Bulldog team deserves serious attention as the team of the decade, but Frankford’s 1-1-1 record against them, the 1926 title won by Chamberlin, the sheer number of wins and games, all should put Frankford in the discussion. Even as late as 1929, when Green Bay at 12-0-1 claimed their first NFL title, again their only blemish, 0-0, happened right here on Thanksgiving Day at Frankford Stadium, which had been built for $100,000 to seat 10,000 and was way over capacity that day. The Packers were driving late and might have attempted a field goal but time was called (one Packer claimed there should have been around four minutes on the clock).

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