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Memorial Day 2018 in Frankford

Monday, May 28th, Keep the Faith in Frankford and friends will gather in the cemetery at St. Joachim Church (Griscom and Church Streets) for a brief ceremony to remember those Frankford residents who died in the service of their country.  It is not to glorify war but to acknowledge their service.

We have been doing extensive research to find out as much about them as possible.  At present there are 125 names that we will read to honor their sacrifice.  They are listed below.  Everyone is invited to participate.

Civil War

John Gibson

Albert Dungan

Sewell Randall

William Batt

David Chipman

Robert Smith

John Stott

John Castor

Joseph Williams

William Baxendine

John Williams

William Wilkinson

James Crocket

William Blackburn

George Lever

Lewis B. Evans

David Potts

Richard Standing

George Gregson

John Johnson

Charles Wonderly

William C. Wilson

Thomas Pilling

William McMullen

Charles Layton

James Harmstead

Henry Castor

Joseph Batt

James Ferry

Robert Kay

George Vanhart

James Bolton

John Hart

James Burk

Almon Smith

William A. Vanatter

Elijah Hunt

John F. Gilberson

Thomas Kirkwood

James K. P. Bryan

Charles T. Mahan

David Feaster Edgar

Thomas Chapman

William Fairhurst

William Wight

Joseph Johnson

Peter McNally

Robert Rae

James Butcher

Robert Lesher

Samuel C. Rodgers

Adam Hafer

William Allen

James Donnelly

Wallace Shaw

Louis Lesher

Rudolph Price

Samuel Deardon

William Martin

Isaac Hilt

James Pierce

Alfred Clymer

Lewis C. Hong

William Hope

Rupert Carney

George Baxendine

David P. Allen

George L. Bragg

John Taylor

James Hilton

Thomas Stone

Michael Shuster

William Reynolds

Charles H. Cooper

Thomas C. Stott

George Frederick Putt

Charles H. Wilson

Nicholas J. Carty

World War I

Warren John Decker

Jesse Vandergrift

William Johnson

Thomas William Astbury

Benneville Wellington Bertolet

Amos Raymond Taylor

Charles Harold Redman

Howard B. Cantelly

Charles Francis Elliott

Joseph T. McClurg

Elmer J. Needham

William Charles Peel

Horace Givens

William Wilkinson Neumann

Joseph Alexander Coyle

George Cassels

Louis Redding

Edward Nelis

Charles J. Coyle

Walter Carroll Brinton

Admiral Johnson

World War II

William M. Fairhurst

Eugene Paul Shipley

William J. Ferry

Francis Keeley

Eugene David Harpel Jr.

Joseph Herbert Clark

Charles Henry Blittersdorf

Andrew Krull

Walter Bryan Gossling Jr.

George Edward Frey

World War II and

Korean War

Joseph George Wilusz

Donald Stainthorpe  Sirman

Korean War

John Leszczynski Jr

James Bartholomew Crane

Cold War

John Wesley Harvey

Vietnam War

Frederick George Lynch

Lloyd Calveria Wilson

Theodore Lauer Fischer

Stephen Paul Blanchett

Matthew  Higgins

Charles William Daut

Charles J. Gibilterra

Thomas Joseph Dowd

Daniel Joseph Savage

Thonas John Laughlin

David Wayne Comber