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Frankford NAC Zoning Meets July 12th

The Frankford NAC Zoning meeting will be held on July 12th at 7 PM at the Second Baptist Church, 1801 Meadow Street.

These are the properties up for review:

1369 Sellers Street– “House of Win”. PERMIT FOR THE ERECTION OF A REAR ADDITION TO AN EXISTING ATTACHED STRUCTURE. STRUCTURE FOR USE AS A GROUP LIVING. SIZE AND LOCATION AS SHOWN PER APPLICATION/PLAN. – There are seeking a special variance to put a rear addition on the back of the property and using it for group living.

1369 Sellers Street

4341 East Wingohocking Street– SPECIAL EXCEPTION FOR A SOCIAL CLUB TO INCLUDE LIVE ENTERTAINMENT MAXIMUM FORTY-NINE (49) PEOPLE (ASSEMBLY AND ENTERTAINMENT) (NO ACTIVITIES AS DEFINED IN 14-603 (13) OF PHILADELPHIA ZONING CODE) ON 1ST FLOOR WITH EXISTING SINGLE FAMILY DWELLING ABOVE IN AN EXISTING STRUCTURE. – Variance for a social club to include live entertainment maximum of 49 people. They have an active permit for a social club/ hookah lounge.

4341 East Wingohocking Street

You must have ID and be present to vote on a case.  The next NAC zoning meeting will be on August 9th at 7 PM at a location to be announced.