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Parking Wars – Frankford

Organized by City Councilwoman Maria Quinones-Sanchez, it was billed as a stakeholders’ meeting to discuss the problem of the numerous situations of auto repair or sales lots parking their cars on the streets, sidewalks, lots and anywhere the dam well please, much to the detriment of the neighbors in the community.

Full House at Campbell AME 

The problem goes back to at least 2008 when I attended a community meeting and heard complaints about the parking problem on Torresdale Avenue caused by the car sale lots there. 

There was a lot of talk back then but no solutions.  Cops are too busy fighting crime to write tickets.  Car dealers are too smart and keep the cars moving and hide the VIN numbers so the cops can’t write a ticket if they come out.

Along with Councilwoman Sanchez were representatives from the Police, Frankford CDC, L&I, Frankford Civic Association, State Representative Dawkin’s office, State Senator Tartaglione’s office and the Councilwoman’s office. 

The meeting could have turned into the usual gripe session had not Sanchez redirected it into a more productive session that was intended to gather information as the first stage in making a plan to be implemented. 

Information was gathered from those attending the meeting.  The problem areas need to be identified and that information can only come from the community.  If you missed the meeting and want to report, follow the instructions below.

All requests or messages should be directed to the Councilwoman’s webpage at: there is a form on the page where constituents can communicate with the office and have their concerns directed to the appropriate staff member. Constituents can also call the main line at 215-686-3448. We encourage constituents to report to 311 first and then call the office with a confirmation number to follow up. 

I admire her courage in taking this on.  Now, when will we see implementation?