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Frankford Crime Update

It’s time to take a look at the crime stats so far this year.  This is just a comparison to last year for the period from January through July.  It only includes data for the 15th District PSA1 which is the area South of Bridge Street in Frankford and Bridesburg.  North of Bridge Street is PSA2.  

Included below is a summary of the most important crime categories to most people; public safety and property crime.  

15th District PSA1
January through July – 7 months20172018difference
Crime involving firearms112106-5.4%
Homicide Criminal85-37.5%

As you can see, overall crime is down.  Theft remains about the same as last year. 

Frankford is by no means, crime free.  We continue to see rampant drug use and sales and the violence that is connected to that trade continues to be a problem that will drive good people away and keep good people from moving here.  But, that problem exists in every part of the city to a degree. Until the cause of that problem is addressed, we are just pushing it from one neighborhood to another. Thanks to the cops who continue to try to do a good job under difficult circumstances. Below are the details of the report.

Ag Assault Firearm5857-1.7%
Ag Assault No Firearm97970.0%
All Other Offenses588555-5.6%
Burglary Non Residential273011.1%
Burglary Residential10194-6.9%
Disorderly Conduct7420-73.0%
Driving Under the Influence5037-26.0%
Forgery and Counterfitting32-33.3%
Homicide Criminal85-37.5%
Liquor Law Violations105-50.0%
Motor Vehicle Theft395951.3%
Narcotic/Drug Law Violations181152-16.0%
Offenses Against Family and Children2350.0%
Other Assaults497420-15.5%
Other Sex Offenses – Not commercialized182222.2%
Prostitution and Commercialized vice81475.0%
Public Drunkenness84-50.0%
Receiving Stolen Property10-100.0%
Recovered Stolen Motor Vehicles14120746.8%
Robbery Firearm5449-9.3%
Robbery No Firearm8369-16.9%
Theft From Vehicle1771907.3%
Vandalism/Criminal Mischief2582767.0%
Weapons Violations537541.5%