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Historical Society Presents Elizabeth Drinker

The Historical Society of Frankford opens the Fall 2018 series on Tuesday, September 11th at 7:30 PM with the story of Elizabeth Drinker.

Doreen Velnich, a member and longtime friend of The Historical Society of Frankford, and recently retired from the Free Library of Philadelphia, will present a paper originally read to the Society in April 1931 by Mabel Corson, a founding member of the Society.

Elizabeth Drinker (nee Sandwith) (1735-1807) was a Quaker diarist of Irish descent who maintained a journal of her daily activities beginning in her teenage years. Her residence in Frankford was Womrath Place, which tradition defines as a special place of interest during the American Revolution.

As a Quaker she was opposed to the War on religious principles. Elizabeth’s account of the ordeals she encountered as a pacifist provides a glimpse into what life was like when both sides of the Revolution looked upon you as a traitor. The list of individuals mentioned in her accounts of this Revolutionary period constitutes a Who’s Who not only of the early days of Frankford but also of the Founders of America.

Come and experience this exciting presentation.

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The Historical Society of Frankford
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