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A Gallop Through Northeast Philadelphia History

Historical Society of Frankford’s pop-up conference

“Transitions in Northeast Philadelphia History”

October 7, 2018
3-6 pm
1507 Orthodox Street, Philadelphia, PA 19124
Admission Free; Food and Beverages provided
Reservations are not required but appreciated:
Delaware  Valley Special Collections Librarians organize free special events every October, which they designate “Archives Month.”  The overall calendar of events can be found here:
This year the Historical Society of Frankford will participate by putting on a free-form conference of members and friends of the society who have researched various aspects of Northeast Philadelphia history and can bring the lore to bear in explaining the importance of maps, deeds, prints, and other documets from our special collections, plus a few items from our museum.  The public is cordially invited to come, enjoy the occasion, and interact with the featured researchers.
Committed participants so far include the following, with notes on their organizations or most recent research, which are just representative of their knowledge of local history:
  • Robin Irizarry, Philadelphia Watershed Coordinator, Tookany-Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership.
  • Prof. Matthew Smalarz, Chair of Humanities and Social Sciences, Manor College, on oral histories of Frankford Creek.
  • Robert Penn, on his distant uncle William Penn’s interesting financial arrangements, to create the colony that changed the world.
  • Fred Maurer, on Peter Dalbo, a case of incorporation of a Swedish landholder on the governing council.
  • Fred Moore, on Pennypack Creek through Swedish, Dutch, and Quaker control.
  • Tom Dayton, on his ancestor Peter Cock’s role as a principal translator between Swedes and Lenape, and Peter’s son Lasse Cock’s role as a principal translator between Swedes and Quakers.
  • John Buffington on some idiosyncrasies of documents in our special collections.
We also hope for commitments from the Preservation Alliance of Greater Philadelphia and several groups with historic preservation challenges past and present; the Tacony Historical Society on the creation of a historic district; the American-Swedish Historical Museum; several more Professors, and some other individuals with particular relevant lore.
Please come and see us on October 7, and bring your friends.
But wait, there’s more in Frankford that day:  the Grand Army of the Republic Museum and Library will also be holding an open house with free admission on October 7, from 12 to 3.  They’re at 4728 Griscom Street, and