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Friends of the Frankford Library to Meet February 11th

From: Gaspar Santos
Community Initiative Specialist
Northeast Neighborhood Libraries

At the Friends of the Frankford Library held on January 14th:

8 people were in attendance.

Preparation to apply for the Philadelphia Activity Fund (PAF) grant.  The PAF application is usually due in early May.  A template was given out to attendees to which help them formulate any suggestions.

The Branch Manager will give us guidance on the type of programs that she would like support with.

Some members expressed the need for training on grant writing. The Community Initiative Specialist advised there are grant writing courses offered by the Regional Foundation and CIS can share materials and lessons learned from attending these courses.  If the grant is of a large amount then it may be worth going to the Regional Foundation or to the CDC for advice and support.

Major repairs to Frankford Branch 

The group was informed of the state Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) grant from the State with a matching grant from the Knights foundation.

  • The grant will cover repairs to the roof and other infrastructure.
  • We do not know the extent of this refurbishment yet, but more information will be coming forth soon.
  • Frankford Friends and Community members will be given more clarity and engaged to for their input on this project

One concern that was bought up was that students using computers should have extra time to do online activities assigned by their teachers.

Coming up at the meeting on February 11th:

I would like to remind you to come out to our Friends Meeting this upcoming Monday.  I have a the following items I on the agenda.

  • Read By 4th Mayors Summit
  • Community Engagement for Frankford Library Repairs
  • 7th District Joint Friends activity with
  • Any other business