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15th Police District PSA1 Meeting

PSA 15-1 Meeting at Jefferson-Frankford Hospital

The meeting on February 21st had District Commander John Walker, PSA1 Lead Lieutenant Venit, and the newly appointed Community Relations Officer Mc Laughlin all telling us that the PPD has been instituting some New approaches to battle our local crime problems.
Captain Walker stated that when Spring arrives we will see more Foot and Bike Patrols.  Some Neighbor issues included the push of some drug dealers is now causing issues for other areas. Please do not let them get settled into a new area, REPORT all new issues to the PPD, (via 911), any further issues could be submitted to Philly 311 and your local Town Watch Teams, Contact Town Watch Integrated Services to see how and who to send those reports.
There were further reports about drug dealers, and others seen entering and setting up in distressed, or unattended properties, please report any in your area.
But overall, things are coming back with Frankford, all thanks to new community-minded residents and Police Command.
The next meeting of the 15th Police District PSA1 will be on March 21st at 7 PM at Jefferson Frankford Hospital, 4900 Frankford Avenue.
Reported by: Chaplain Patrick, Frankford Community Ambassador