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Frankford Northwood Y Proposal

Story and picture by: Chaplain Patrick, Frankford Community Ambassador
On Monday, April 15th Ms. Angenique Howard of Unique Dreams Inc. met with the Northwood community at Simpson Recreation Center to present her proposal to open a Family Therapeutic,  Recreational,  and Educational Center in the former Frankford-Northwood Y located at 4700 Leiper Street.
She stated that the 33,000 square foot facility will include wrap around mental health and wellness programs, along with recreation gym memberships.  She also said that the indoor pool would reopen for swim leagues from the local schools.
A group of area residents asked questions, some of which went unanswered, as her business plan and financials are still in the works.
The community is in a wait & see mode as there is no lease agreement with the building owner or other paperwork present.
Future meetings will be announced in time.