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Historical Society Presents the Paxton Boys

The Historical Society of Frankford continues to bring in new programs this year.  Check this one out.

The Historical Society of Frankford

Presents the 3rd of its 2019 Spring Program Lectures

May 14, 2019 7:30 PM

The Paxton Boys

Presented by:

Will Fenton, Ph. D.

Director of Scholarly Innovation

The Library Company of Philadelphia




In December of 1763, in the aftermath of the French and Indian War and Pontiac’s Rebellion, a vigilante mob of ruthless frontiersmen of Scotch-Irish descent from Paxtang Township in central Pennsylvania, based on unfounded fear and unprovoked by any Indian hostility, massacred 20 Native Americans in Lancaster County. The “Paxton Boys” were responsible for this Conestoga Massacre.

In January 1764, a mob of 250 Paxton boys marched on Philadelphia to murder those Indians who had escaped and sought refuge in the city. A disaster was averted when civic leaders met with the militant marchers in Germantown. The militants agreed to disperse on a promise from Benjamin Franklin that their grievances concerning lack of government protection from the Indians would be heard by the Legislature. Supporters and opponents of The Paxton Boys vigorously battled each other in the print media in much the same way we do today on Twitter.  Please join us to find out how this contentious pre-Revolution situation was resolved.

All Welcome – Admission Free – Refreshments Served

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1507 Orthodox Street

Philadelphia, PA 19124