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Grand Army of the Republic June Program

G.A.R. Museum & Library Open House Program

FIRST Sunday ‘Open House’ Civil War related History presentation
Sunday, June 2, 2019 at 1:30pm

Senior Level Leadership at Gettysburg
by Col. Mark Eshelman (Ret.) Professor at the Army War College

Col. Eshelman will talk about senior level leadership from the perspective of a War College faculty instructor using the battle as a case study to teach students who have been successful at tactical level, but are entering a new level of leadership where they will need new skills and ways of thinking.  These are also the senior level leadership points to consider.  The War College hosts students for a two or three day program consisting of a Gettysburg Battlefield Staff Ride and subsequent senior leadership seminars.  These groups are senior leaders from both private and public sectors, mostly senior executives from businesses using these events as a sort of “off-site”  learning center.

FREE & Open to the public! (Donations accepted)
Historic Ruan House • 4278 Griscom Street• Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19124
(215) 289-6484