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Frankford rehab center uses video games to improve therapy

From the Philadelphia Business Journal:

Patients at the Transplex Center (map) for Medicine and Rehabilitation don’t just stretch, lift weights and use stair-climbers during therapy sessions.

They also play baseball, golf, bowl and even box — all without leaving the Frankford health-care center in Northeast Philadelphia.

Read the entire story here.

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Frankford Business and Professional Association

The general meeting of the Frankford Business and Professional Association was held at at Frankford Hospital on Wednesday, February 13th, with 19 in attendance. The meeting was chaired by Elizabeth McCollum Nazario the new President.

  • Discussions centered around the ongoing issue of crime and safety and the perception of Frankford as an unsafe area. While statistically crime has declined in the area, headlines have not.
  • Guest speaker Maria Quinones Sanchez, new City Council representative, talked about her first month in office. She plans to return to a future meeting of the FBPA for more detailed discussions of what can be done to develop the area economically.
  • Scott Lodise, Chief of Staff for State Rep. Tony Peyton made a presentation on National Safe Place. He encourages businesses in the area to consider joining this network.

The next general meeting of the FBPA is scheduled for Wednesday April 9, 2008. If you are in business in any way in Frankford you are invited to join the FBPA.

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New business on Frankford Avenue

Last week I came back from center city on the El in the afternoon and got off at Margaret-Orthodox. As the train pulled into the station my eye was taken by something unusual. It took a second or two before it hit me. Clean glass was beaming out from the second floor of one of the stores on Frankford Avenue (Googlemap). If you ride the El you will understand how unusual that is.

When I got off the train I walked down the platform to the end and had a closer look. There were new windows on the second and third floor and what looked like a new paint job over the brick front of the building. I went down the stairs and walked down to have a closer look. Yet it is a new business open now. The web site is