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Is another big rehab coming to Main Street Frankford?

I reported last week about how we are reviewing the real estate transactions on Frankford Avenue. One of the largest took place July 16 of 2007 with the purchase of 4243-47 Frankford Avenue for $510,000 by Berkley Property LLC.

The legal address for Berkley is 1010 Shepard Road in Blue Bell. This is the same address as the Wedge Med Corporation a major provider of substance abuse services. They are making significant improvements to the property.

We have no more accurate information at this point but we’ll continue to research the issue.

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Main Street Frankford

We’ve spent the last few days going over the BRT web site to see what it shows about real estate activity on Frankford Avenue last year. It took some time but now we can report that 25 properties were transferred in 2007. One of them was transferred twice. This runs from the 4200 block through the 5200 block. $ of those transfers only were title changes. The remaining 21 were valued from $32,000 to $3,732,000. 8 of the new owners gave addresses outside of Philadelphia. 2 of those 8 are located in Brooklyn, New York.

In 2006 there were 37 transfers between $15,000 and $550,000.
In 2005 there were 39 transfers between $20,000 and $750,000.
In 2004 there were 30 transfers between $9,000 and $310,000.

This is the first of a series where we will take a look at those properties transferred in 2007.

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Frankford rehab center uses video games to improve therapy

From the Philadelphia Business Journal:

Patients at the Transplex Center (map) for Medicine and Rehabilitation don’t just stretch, lift weights and use stair-climbers during therapy sessions.

They also play baseball, golf, bowl and even box — all without leaving the Frankford health-care center in Northeast Philadelphia.

Read the entire story here.