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Frankford Friends New Building is Amazing

Well they haven’t invited me in yet for a tour but the outside of Frankford Friends new school building really is interesting.  There is a beautiful sunlit vaulted open space that kind of brings the outside in.  The exterior is a warm wood material that really dresses up the block.  It is ironic that we lost one historic classic building on one side of the street and gained a modern classic building on the other.  It does look to be within a few months of opening and I will be there.

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Philadelphia School Partnership Awards 2 Million to Edmunds

The Inquirer yesterday reported that the Philadelphia School Partnership awarded a grant to String Theory Schools to help it convert H.R. Edmunds Elementary School in Frankford/Northwood into a Renaissance charter school.

The quality of its schools is the first thing that families are going to look at when they decide where to live, so this is a great first step.  We’ll be watching how String Theory Schools meets the challenge.

You can read the entire Inquirer story by Martha Woodall here.

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Health Federation of Phila Gives Parents and Young Children An “Early Head Start”!

Courtesy of HFP Early Head Start Program

I received an education last week when I went to visit the Health Federation of Philadelphia’s Early Head Start Program at 4606 Frankford Avenue. I was there to speak with the staff and learn about their unique program. Continue reading Health Federation of Phila Gives Parents and Young Children An “Early Head Start”!