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Historical Society Program May 11th

For our May meeting, presented via live stream on Facebook and YouTube on May 11 at 7:30 pm, John Buffington will talk about the history of Frankford Arsenal, a National Historic Register site, which also has 9 buildings specifically listed on the Philadelphia Historic Register, from the near-disaster of American military inadequacy in the War of 1812, through base closure in 1971 and privatization in 1977, to current status, threats, and opportunities.
As always, we invite you to comment and post questions in either platform’s comment section, however this time we will do something a little different. At the close we will invite viewers to post questions and comments to be addressed live about the potential for the Historical Society of Frankford to intervene more aggressively in situations like the current lamentable state of Buildings 2 and 3 at the Arsenal. So please stay tuned to the end, especially if you think that we aren’t doing enough on preservation emergencies.
Find it on their Facebook page or follow this link to YouTube:  link
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Virtual Community Design Workshop

Virtual Community Design Workshop

We are inviting all community members to take part in a virtual design workshop for the Frankford Library.  The upcoming workshop will be hosted online via Zoom on Thursday, May 6 from 6:30 pm – 8pm.  During the workshop, community members will meet with the project team. This includes the project manager, architect and Free Library staff. Community members will be able to share their priorities and goals for an updated building design with the team.

All are welcome! If you, or someone you know, needs interpretation in a language other than English, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing
To RSVP and receive the zoom workshop information, please email
We look forward to seeing you there!

Community Initiative Specialist
Northeast Neighborhood Libraries

267-334-5646 |

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The Civil War and the Santa Fe Trail

Presents a New Program via ZOOM 
Sunday, May 2, 2021 at 1:00 p.m.
              “The Civil War and the Santa Fe Trail (at its 200th Anniversary)”
By Deb Goodrich, historian, author, researcher, preservationist and Museum member.
The Santa Fe Trail was among the first international trade routes in the United States. While the main route led from the new state of Missouri to Santa Fe in the newly liberated country of Mexico, feeder trails came from ports in the Northeast and New Orleans. It became the “interstate highway” of the time and an important military road. As such, it was the scene of incidents during Bleeding Kansas and the Civil War that, while being far from the center of the War in the East, was nonetheless an integral piece of that conflict.
Deb Goodrich is the Chair of the Santa Fe Trail 200, the bicentennial of this historic route to be commemorated between 2021-2025. She is the Garvey Texas Foundation Historian in Residence at the Fort Wallace Museum, Wallace, KS, and the host of Around Kansas TV Show. Deb has appeared in numerous documentaries including The American Experience and AHC’s Gunslingers. She is the author of Kansas Forts and Bases (with Michelle Martin) and The Civil War in Kansas. Deb is writing a biography of Vice President Charles Curtis, enrolled in the Kaw Nation and first Republican Senate Majority Leader.
Please send a request to reserve a virtual seat for this outstanding presentation by replying to this e-mail at
You will be sent a link with a password that will enable you to access the program within 24 hours of the start of the presentation.
As a lover of history, you know how critical it is to keep history alive, especially today!  We very much appreciate your continued support for the GAR Civil War Museum
A FREE virtual program online 
Historic Ruan Mansion • 4278 Griscom Street• Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19124 •

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We Plan to Make Them Listen

SEPTA has made promises about development at the Frankford Transportation Center.

Press Conference on Monday, April 26, 11am, corner of Frankford and Pratt.

The Philadelphia2035 Plan, developed in 2011 with community input stated that FTC would be an ideal location for a new health center. Since 2016, the Frankford CDC and the City have been working to bring new development and a new supermarket to the old Holiday Thriftway site at FTC. Despite this, the Health Department secretly made plans to build the new health center at Friends Hospital without even considering FTC. The Friends Hospital site is inaccessible to many — patients must either drive or cross the Boulevard on foot! The Health Department’s current plans do not pay attention to the needs of communities, and Commissioner Farley has threatened to kill the new Health Center project if people make a fuss!
We plan to make them listen.