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Wake Up Frankford and Juniata Park

This thread on Phillyblog has produced two interesting and thoughtful posts. One by JenRagen discussing the improvements made to public housing in Philadelphia. Another by Kukla65th discussing the importance of Frankford to the health of the Northeast. Interesting that both of these posters are from other areas of the city.

The prosperity of the Northeast is heavily tied to the future success of areas like Juniata and to a larger degree, Frankford. If Frankford begins to move upward, the NE can expect to see more success in farther out sections. I kind of think of Frankford as the downtown of the Northeast. Until this “downtown” prospers again, the rest of the NE will have to work harder to maintain attractive, stable residential character and institutions

Read them here:

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What is this building

I walk all over Frankford and find myself passing one interesting building after another. This one is a puzzlement. It looks almost like it has stood on the Old Kings Highway since the days of the stagecoach from Philadelphia. At present it is on the corner of Church and Frankford Avenue. There are some of what looks like similar construction on Adams avenue. Small stone houses are not all that common in this area and I wonder what story this one might tell us.
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New links

I had a very nice email from Megan Forrestal president of the Frankford Business & Professional Association today. She gave me a link to the FBPA web site which I greatly appreciate. She also suggested that I post a link to SPIN. So both of these links are now active. check them out.

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East Frankford Civic News

If good people don’t step up then the cockroaches will rule the world.

From the Northeast Times:

In other business, it was noted that a vigil will be held on Thursday, June
28, starting at 7 p.m., on the 4600 block of Penn St. to protest violence and
recent shootings in the community, including the May 19 slaying of Miguel
Torres, 21. No arrests have been made.The violence has distressed Peggy Hoch,
president of the East Frankford Civic Association.”It’s not acceptable,” she
said. “Take your courage and put it on your sleeve. That’s the only way we’re
going to take our neighborhood back.”