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Frankford NAC Zoning Meeting Had a Great Turnout

It was one of the largest crowds at a zoning meeting in quite a while as 50 residents gathered at Campbell AME church on Kinsey Street July 9th to discuss two hot zoning issues.

  • 2114 Orthodox Street application is seeking a special exception for 12 rooming units in an existing structure.  The building has been used by Next Step Recovery since 2002.  The building is zoned RM-1.  Residents of the area claim that the building is not suitable for its use and that people living there do not have adequate space inside and as a consequence loiter outside
    2114 Orthodox Street - thanks to Google Maps

    2114 Orthodox Street – thanks to Google Maps

    attracting all kinds of problems.  Neighbors attending the meeting voted to oppose the application after some contentious debate.  The vote taken showed 10 against and 1 for the proposal so a letter will be sent to the zoning board that the community opposed the application.

  • 1301 Fillmore Street application is a permit for a take-put restaurant with existing food, beverages and groceries.  The store is at the corner of Oakland and Fillmore and has been in operation as a grocery.
    1301 Fillmore Street - Thanks to Google Maps

    1301 Fillmore Street – Thanks to Google Maps

    There were both supporters and opponents of the change.  The issue of students coming into the store during school hours and loitering around the neighborhood were at the top of the list. Residents believed that selling hot food to go will only worsen that situation.  However, the owner had not distributed notice to local neighbors of the zoning meeting and as a result no vote was taken.  His representative will ask for a continuance for that reason and the issue will be taken up at a future meeting.

The next zoning meeting of the Frankford NAC will be held on August 13th at 7PM at the Second Baptist Church at 1801 Meadow Street.